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  1. Lift Bridge Blues

CCL: lyrics/vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, fx 
JJR: bass 
GFC: drums
Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

CCL –  Erratic Markers began as a jam session – field mike in the middle, no script, maybe a smidge of whiskey. The riff for “Lift Bridge Blues” was the first thing to land, and it would loom stubbornly over the proceedings for months. Needling us. Maybe a mid-record excuse to trade solos? Maybe a semi-swell notion best suited for soundchecks? We tried, people, we truly did. It wasn’t until the did-anybody-else-hear-that-noise-outside verse occurred to CCL that the lean, mean version you know and love began to quickly gel. Does the universe suffer without a six-minute Northland jazz odyssey? We humbly defer. 

GFC – So yeah... this thing started life as a lengthy, fun yet rather unwieldy prog-rock jam. Perhaps recognizing that there was room for but one extended jam on an album (see Reveal, The Big) CCL rendered the essential ingredients of the piece into its present structure, we ditched the inebriated Bill Bruford and hey, Bob's your uncle: an amuse-bouche to whet the appetite for what follows. 

JJR – As the others already noted, “Lift Bridge Blues” was the first and arguably the most “Zepplinesque” of the riffs-turned-songs that came out of the jams that eventually became Erratic Markers. Its sound harkens back to when a young JJR and CCL would drive around in a VW Golf and get our “Led out” with their gems of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. I would describe the evolution of this song as being very much like an upside down equilateral triangle. It evolved from being built around a much longer base but was eventually culled into a tight two-minute vertex angle if you will. Well I can now say I have used trigonometry as an adult. Awesome.


Lift Bridge Blues 

There’s a shape at the window 
(you asked for it) 
Up the shy side of 35 
(it’s knocking now) 
The bed you made 
Is a bitch to disavow 
Bloody water at the Lift Bridge 
Running you down