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  1. The Big Reveal

CCL: lyrics/vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboard 
JJR: bass 
GFC: drums 
SCL: wah solo
Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

CCL – Once again, the genesis jam strikes. This time, the editor leaves the building. Did you get away from that shape at the window? Well, it’s catching up. And it might want to play you a guitar solo. If accused of overindulgence, CCL would point to the fine work of SCL on the wah half of the back-and-forth solos (the first ones, man, keep up) and parry by defying yon listener to feel unrocked by the time the last snare hit cometh. Daresay this tune fits squarely as the closing credits to the defiant movie that is “Grave” and the Orwellian sequel that is “Break”. It’s a nightmare stumbled half-into, a grim impressionist sort of spacewalk thingee. And it detects 92.6% of undiagnosed ADD. 

JJR – For me, “The Big Reveal” is big-boy MOH Showcase-era Evil Kilt Bandits. It is a songwriter, in this case CCL, perfecting a style that they have been developing for more than two decades. As for GFC’s drumming contributions, this song is yet another example of the amazing parts that just seem to roll off of his wrists. To be candid, the song itself did not overtly leave a ton of room for lots of changes for the ole rhythm section and a lesser drummer would have made sure the listener felt that. But my man GFC couldn’t mail it in if he tried and laid down a dynamic foundation for the second half of the rhythm section to build from. 

GFC – This was the rare song where we recorded the bass and drums at the same time. The dynamics were absolutely key here, so the sonic and visual cues with JJR seated on the floor close to the kit helped to pull this rhythm section together into a unified piece that CCL and SCL could work atop. There's a little something for everyone in this magnum opus. Me? I can listen to the crescendo from 5:09-5:38 on endless repeat. Good work, boys.


The Big Reveal 

Are you ready for the big reveal? 
Lay down your arms 
They won’t help you here 
Here it comes, the big reveal 
It’s the sound 
Of your last air through a broken seal 
Don’t look away, it’s the big reveal 
Are you ready for the big reveal? 
The shape is catching up 
Across the open field 
That feeling you regret? The big reveal. 
Before you look for answers, 
     before you start spinning your wheels 
Think about the cut you gave 
Given up to the big... 
Separate the masses 
Clear out for the big reveal 
A shimmer on the surface 
A pointless execution appeal 
What you smell is blood, and 
I think you know what you feel.