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  1. IWTN

JJR: lyrics/vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, organ 
CCL: intro and lead guitars, fx 
GFC: drums
Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

CCL – When JJR brings this sort of non-periodic table nugget to the table, one need only roll with the fishnets. Did he ask for rumble drums and a faux theremin? No. Because he didn’t need to. 

GFC – I've no idea where/how/why JJR came up with this, but I'm delighted that he did. How else, I ask you, could we contemplate the sonic scion of Minutemen and the theme to “The Munsters”? Tip-of-the-hat to CCL as well for the idea of the countdown and explosion at the beginning. 

JJR – Like my riff catalog, I also have a lyric repository that as my previous lyrical choices might indicate, contains mostly bad puns and odd metaphors. As I went to find lyrics to match this peculiar little ditty that needed words, I came across something from years ago along the lines of “My life has come down to a series of nights. On some, I was wrong and on others, I was right.” Though I eventually made some minor adjustments to those lines, what I came across perfectly fit the sentiment and the feel of the song. What is that sentiment you might ask? Well, to keep it brief, I have done some regrettable stuff in my life. I’ve said the wrong thing, chosen the wrong path, etc. But thanks to the many friends and family members in my bubble who have shown me grace and the meaning of patience, I somehow always seem to come out ahead or “win the night” as the song suggests. Feel free to get an IWTN tatt in solidarity. In fact, I will offer anyone who gets an IWTN tattoo 1 free copy of all future music releases I participate in just to show my appreciation. We are all in this together.


I Won the Night 
It all comes down to a series of nights 
Some where I was wrong 
On others 
I was in the right 
I’m proud of most things done before 2 
And haunted by what came after curfew 
But I won the night 
I won the night