CCL: lyrics/vocals, rhythm and space guitars 
JJR: bass, piano 
GFC: drums
Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

JJR – “A Quick Note From The Dead” reminds me of early Pink Floyd as you are not entirely for certain what instruments are making the sounds you are hearing. After hearing CCL’s vision for the song, I believed my best bet was to somehow evoke what can best be described as a wine glass breaking in the distance while an underfed but no less creepy feline saunters across the keys of a barrelhouse piano. 

CCL – The only pre-jam bit from CCL, brought to weird life by Coheed and Cambria’s old touring amplifier. Deep in that machine was a galactic setting that just seemed plain neato. One guitar split to two amps – the C&C for space oddity, run o’ the mill Fender for the rest. A little humoring shattered glass tinkling from JJR, a whiff of mis-miked drummage from GFC, and voila. Another something to think about for the seconds it takes to move on to something else. 

GFC – If I recall correctly, the request was to come by and “just make some noise” so that CCL could finish the track. A cool little think-piece on its own, and a kind of sorbetto before the madness that follows.


A Quick Note from the Dead 

Don’t bring us out, no matter what you want 
Don’t bring us out 
Don’t bring us out 
No matter what you want 
We are not the same 
We are not the same