CCL: lyrics/vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, guiro 
JJR: bass 
GFC: drums
​Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

JJR – Disclaimer To Anyone Offended: GFC and JJR did not write a syllable of the lyrics on “Break (3 Protections)” so should you feel the need to come cash in your reparations, don’t come barking up the wrong trees. We will however gladly accept our respective 33.3% cuts of the song royalties. Seems only fair. As for the music, I love what CCL created here. The middle section is a high point for Erratic Markers and reminds me of another band from the Midwest that I too have been known to be influenced by, and that is none other than Cheap Trick.

GFC – Equal parts Bad Religion and bad religion, what could possibly go wrong? The three of us were definitely firing on all cylinders for this one. And that solo starting at 1:23 is a thing of twisted beauty. Psst, Stewart? I owe you for the inspiration for the outro. Call me. 

CCL – The first finished song of the endeavor from CCL, a full embrace of the Make Rock N’ Roll mission statement of the album (as opposed to the Make Whatever The Hell approach of old, you see). This one is here as a polite request to consider the fact that a seething crack has emerged in the Earth and unidentifiable things seem to be crawling out and slithering toward us. It’s a nursery rhyme, see? And hey, dig that Collings on the solo. Pretty rad. So, listen for the guiro part or the Lovecraft or the groupthink, there’s a li’l somethin’ for everyone.


Break (3 Protections) 

You can speak when what you say changes 
When you’re wearing something different outside 
Protection – learn the word 
Investment – pay the fine 
Let’s have a talk about your shaky foundation 
Trim a bit from all the shit that you owe 
It’s a subtle nudge toward your place there 
Protection – no stones to throw 
Waiting to break 
Kill the taxman 
Kill the president 
Waiting to break 
And be sweetly broken 
I’ve gotten good at lying to you, babe 
Am I lying to you now? 
Feel free to join the other animals 
No need to think, we’ve left you many a sign 
Protection – learn the word 
There is no other side 
Waiting to break 
Kill the managers 
Kill the complicitor 
Lying in wait 
The dead, the lost, the certain who are 
Waiting to break 
When you won’t even point the gun 
Waiting to break 
And be sweetly broken