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  1. Lords Of Rock

JJR: lyrics/vocals, rhythm guitars, bass, organ 
CCL: lead guitar 
GFC: drums
Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

GFC – I'm a fan of meta, so a 70s inflected rocker about rockin' is great fun: the pie was humble, the purple deep, the company bad and the headwear somehow foggy. JJR's structure for this—defying any expectation for a big build at the end—is a delightful tease. The swishy hi-hat is pure 70s and the Superstar snare is in its element. This one was a treat to record... and it'll be an absolute blast live. 

JJR – As I embarked on writing “Lords Of Rock,” I was going for a Squeeze meets Paul McCartney meets Tenacious D. Surprisingly, I think this was somehow achieved. Despite its clear nod to the ‘70s, this one sounds to me like a song that could have been played during the closing credits of one of the most ‘80s of movies there ever was, Spaceballs. Just imagine Barf and Lone Starr flying off to Druidia listening to the sounds of multiple face-melting SGs. Lyrically, this is sort of an ode to CCL whom I have had the pleasure of making music with for basically my whole life. I credit our partnership and the magical chords and harmonies that fall from the heavens for any of the success I have had as a songwriter. Here’s to many more collaborations my friend. 

CCL – And here we bring the 1970s because the 1970s were sweet. Or so the radio assures. It took a long time to get that Gibson SG vibe locked in, pedals in pedals out, but there it is to raise your horns. GFC opens up the hi-hat because awesome, CCL grabs the slide because duh, and the stairway ascends. It’s a nod to what everybody else did yonder, what we did similarly, what we hope to do later on, and then the plug is pulled until next time. Thanks for coming, folks!


Lords of Rock 
At this rate 
We’ll have a double album 
By this Saturday 
Track by track 
Gonna bring all the stories back 
You name the key 
I’ve got the melody 
But the chords will come from the Lords of Rock 
From the Lords of Rock 
We both know the trick 
Play in 1 
Stay on the click 
For effect 
Use the ride 
We’re both churning out A-sides 
Accent the 1 and 3 
I’ve got the melody 
But the chords will come from the Lords of Rock 
The Lords of Rock 
The cover art 
Should tell you this ain’t Mozart 
But I know we are both true composers 
I just don’t want us to ever write the closer 
You drop the beat 
I’ve got the melody 
But the chords will come from the Lords of Rock 
The Lords of Rock