Geoff Compton picked up his first pair of drumsticks at age eight in the wake of regrettable dalliances with both piano and violin. He is nourished on a smörgåsbord of New Wave, post-punk and indecorous satire. Motto: multum non multa… with the glaring exception of splash cymbals. You'll find him, assuming he wants to be found, in Duluth, MN.

Cody Lindsey began shamelessly co-opting the tricks of Springsteen and Simon around the time Operation Desert Storm was live on the VCR/TV stand in Social Studies class. Listening to The Directions EP, one might be inclined to think he never stopped. Dr. Lindsey holes up in northern Minnesota with his wife, two ridiculous cats, and a poor man’s Abbey Road which, legend has it, used to be a basement.



Jacob Rodriguez is a jack-of-all trades, master of none sort of musician and songwriter, ever a Virgo, who claims to be a medium between the human world and the Lords of Rock. Originally from Texas, Jacob's musical approach is arguably more influenced by the decade he was born in, the Seventies, versus any specific region of the US.