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  1. You Are The Grave

CCL: lyrics/vocals, lead and rhythm guitars 
JJR: bass 
GFC: drums
​Published By Lords Of Rock & Sons (ASCAP) 2016.

CCL – Hey, did anyone notice anything political going down in ’16? Perhaps feel a sense of bewilderment or distress at the words or actions floating through your ear/eyeholes? Well if so, don’t go wandering near a mean riff from some jam session, certainly not if the fine citizens at Fulltone left a killer trem pedal lying about and you’re possessed of a drummer with skills to channel your inner disaster. Or do those things, if you’re looking for “You Are the Grave”. 

GFC – Neither the jam out of which this beast emerged nor the intermediate demo can really prepare one for the finished take. The end product, once we finally identified the mood correctly, is a beautiful disaster edging toward chaos. We unprettified the demo, added some creep-factor to the intro and the drums followed loud and loose. The close-micing of the cymbals and the consequent control of their panning (as in the triple right-to-left cascade at 1:08-1:12) really drives home the fundamental sense of disquiet and defiance. If you're hearing a wee bit of early Queens of the Stone Age, you're not that far off. 

JJR – To use one of my favorite “bits,” if you love this song, give all of the credit to CCL and GFC as my contributions were minimal. I literally cut the bass line in one take and got to spend the rest of the time listening to some fine rocking by my cohorts. However, if you don’t love this song, blame me for not doing enough. Ha ha.  Seriously though, I am a huge fan of this tune and greatly admire the songwriting here. It has a massive chorus hook and CCL’s guitar “riffage” reminds me of our early days emulating Eddie Van Halen. I’d also like to compliment GFC’s drumming as he was able to hold things together during the various drum breaks in the middle of the song which is no small feat, as evidenced by many unrealized drum breaks in the old Evil Kilt Bandits catalog.


You Are the Grave 

This is convergence 
Baby, when your bitter stars aligned 
In the ashes of your house 
What will they find? 
While we tear at the meat of our departed, love 
Hunting for the next killer’s listing 
I’d be willing to bet that there’s nothing left 
The middle’s gone 
There’s only this thing 
Let’s set something else 
On fire 
Are you really gonna dance for these fuckers? 
Have they been wearing your skin the whole damn time? 
Never trust a good result 
The thousand-cut paradigm 
Go set someone else 
On fire 
We’ve got one star and it’s burning out 
One good idea, and it’s delivered here in doubt 
So frankly, my dear, I feel that 
You are the grave 
And I am the digger 
Enter the dissonance 
Tie me down, baby I won’t fight 
In the ashes of your house 
A good result 
An ominous sign 
I want you to remember me like this 
I want a lot of things, don’t listen 
Hang me in the American West 
Don’t bury me there, just leave me twisting 
We’re all somewhere else 
On fire 
I want to say one last thing without stopping 
Might be the key to the whole design 
Get ‘em in the same room, love 
And then you can improvise... 
We’ve got one star and it’s burning out 
One good idea, but it’s delivered here in doubt 
So frankly, my dear, I feel that 
You are the grave 
And I am the digger 
You are the grave 
You are the grave