From the recording CCL remixes and demos


Sleep Easy
words and music by CCL,
except where noted (*)

If this is paler, then it’s
Good to remember
that the darker was
A cough before the show

Like when she tossed her hair and turned
her body to the door
And I was sure she wouldn’t go

But these are uptown lessons
I’m an uptown kind of kid
I’ll get used to this

Cause this ain’t Minnesota
and it hasn’t been L.A. for years
Take a drink and turn it over
You can sleep easy, baby
I am here

Kicking dust up, cause it’s
Coming winter and
It’s this year’s stone to roll away

Sipping coffee on the porch
A chill from underneath the door
And the voices of the dead say


I got lost in the system, and
my resistance is almost done
You think I’m the only one?

If this is paler, then it’s
Another distance that we
Can’t seem to clear for making time

It’s this week’s checklist, and it’s
Last month’s closet-dark secret
Serving to remind:

This ain’t Minnesota
It’ll never be L.A, my dear
One more drink to turn it over
And you can sleep easy, baby
You can sleep easy, baby
You can sleep easy, baby
I am here
I am here

(Dancing on the edge of the knife,
Streaming up and into the light)

*She’s got points all her own…
Feathered by the moonlight…
A cross in the ballpark…
What’s good…
Like stars in the summer night…
We’re wasting time…
A smile that it seems to me…
Every night you stay…
All the boys you sent away…
Here I am…*