From the recording Consider Your Cage [2019 remix]


Angels of the 80s

I had one
Who waited too long
And another one
I was fifteen kinds of wrong
And number three
She was just a lost cause
And after that
I got helluva lied to

But you gotta do
What you’re tops at
And hey let’s face it
She was damn good at that

Here’s a choice
Here’s some analog noise
For living in the round
To a man we were outta hand
Jumped the fence to gun ‘em down
A little late for why
Right on time for how

When I was 12
It was a day trip down to my southern stir-fried hell
Playing with the big boys
But at 13
A new perspective
A little thinner ground
For a pair of storm-gray eyes, realize

You’ll give your head away
And sit your ass down
Nobody’s gotta say it
We all land wet side ‘round

Does anybody recognize
I don’t recognize Victoria
I don’t think I’m supposed to

I had one
Blissfully long gone
This work is never done
And you are always 21
On these darker days
Living in the round
Holding up these walls
I’m winning if my feet are on the ground