From the recording The Sendoff Single

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This Killer's Work

They want it
They've always wanted it
And now they're breaking in
Yeah, the flame's the same
No matter where
No matter how it's lit

And one by one
Let's all count the disappointments
One by one
This killer's work is never done

I've a theory
It might be better like this
With all the jokers flipped
And I suppose you know
The special trick
I think you know it's fixed

It won't be pretty
And we won't all survive
It might be best to take
The whole damn mess and press it
Down to size

They've got it
And now it rather seems shit
Doesn't it?
How very nice to know
There's room in the hole
No matter how you dig

One by one
Every careful stitch comes undone
One by one
I didn't do it, the truth is on your tongue
One by one
A killer's work is first begun
Go ahead, forget
It's one by one