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Black Rose (Wheel)

She comes from middle country
She keeps low light under the door
Says, “I know this lesson,
We go way back.”
And it’s not my angle to be
so up front with you
But the beam is a wheel
And sometimes one chance is really two.

Forgiveness like a city
In days of coffee and disdain
The girl is a circle
A corner of Heaven, gone
Glitter in the cutaway

Staring at me, full of
Angry sophistry

Some have been right
Some have belonged
Some are way down gone
Some are regret
Some are Darling
Some are Baby

Some days she remembers
Yearbook tears and autumn rain
In daylight, so stupid
In the dark, so real
Black rose and bloodstain

Oh, so far I’m just pages to the wind;
So far over it

Some are the end
Some oversold
Some are 13 steps to the undertow
Some will forget
Aprils in pain
The rending sound of the Old Machine
as he drove away

It was something like this

She comes from middle country
Through sunset fields, down summer lanes
With steel in the lesson
She’d take it all back just to stay
And the angle –
The spinner’s knot beneath her clothes –
Is the beam is a wheel
So stand up, New England
We just gotta go

(You get caught wavering
Like so many things
Grown cold…)

And some have been right
Some have belonged
A bastard’s race to pay back, prove that
Some are entwined
Don’t need to be told
Recriminations done, but tonight
You’re not alone

So baby lock your door
Baby lock your door