1. Your Call

From the recording CCL remixes and demos

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Your Call

In the fall
We were wasted by the lights
A drunken institution by all rights
And in the fall
We will meet here again
There will be no traces
Of ordinary men
Blurred lines in letters
Never sent

And October
Roll me over
I will not look upon the woman you’ve become
I will be
The last child in Texas
I will not open my eyes
For a line of these regrets
These regrets and these sighs

And even if you don’t believe
If you didn’t hear the telephone
If my pleading you did not receive
Well this can still be mercy
We can still get there on time
So you make for the Pentecost
And I will pour the wine

Any old misfit’s song will pass
Raining on a businessman’s suit, behind the glass
It could only happen to children
So step on up (step on up) to the top of this class

Will October roll us over?
Will we meet again in the fall?
See I’m afraid that I will not recognize
And the sidewalk will end
The sidewalk will end
And I, oh I
Will miss your call.