From the recording The Directions EP


An Assassin’s Backstory (One Shot)

Why should I be rid of it?
Southern girls and lies
Career opportunist
Thursdays, emerge for whisky and gas
A sledgehammer bruise that’ll likely pass
Metal on metal
And other gentle sounds

The churches have burned
Lamentation is not a subtle sign
Pull the trigger on anyone
It’s not like anyone would mind

But if it's the king
You better be deadly
There is one shot
One shot in the gun

We forget how much we mean
To each other
How breakable we are
But who am I kidding?
There is no “we”
Blades stay out, teeth bared against the crowd
The smart man knows how to use it

To be real
The bit that always pops this drum
A corner search with all hands
For where these rules come from
And there’s a weapon in every size, so don’t
Knock it ‘til you try
I could put another look in your eye…

You don’t want to be rid of me
There are still too many dirty deeds
You can take my eyes
For a glass of whisky
You can match my stride
But the center won’t hold

If it's the queen
You better come ready
She has one shot
When she don’t really need none
And if it's the king
You better come deadly
I’ll give you one shot
One shot, then it’s done