From the recording The Directions EP


The Very Last One

The very last one
Will you leave a lonely light on, please?
I’m still spinning on the lawn
As long as the summer will let me be
The very last one

Courage comes before
Hesitation takes the mike
But no one loves you more
Though you are such a wasteful type
It’s all right

I’m always
Caught on the lee side, oh my
And so I
Wish I could meet you with something better
Than this intemperate son

I will restore you, baby
Coast to coast and town to town
I don’t break my deals
I don’t begrudge you that royal gold crown
Coast to coast, town to town

That kid, he is a stranger
A sudden motion and I bet he’ll run
Validation later
For right now account
For the work not done

And this breaks up
Flashes the night sky, oh my
So I’m
Born in confusion but pointed ever
To the carrion sun

He doesn’t stay for long
Slips out the back and they laugh and he’s gone
It’s the player, not the pawn
Along for the ride
Then disappeared from your side
The very last one