From the recording one bright engine

chapter one: “Rabbit Meets Maw”. Once, all he could do was fight. With nothing but opponents, the trait proved a virtue. But the challengers thinned, scores settled, and he accepted something else. A home, an end to wondering and watching. Time, and new things. Love. Finality, stretched long to prove its worth, with a new expectation of dying – not suddenly but well. And then, then, the shadow in the sky. Unbidden, inexplicable, no arbitrator to hear protest. What you made will be taken. You will be erased. You will join multitudes about whom no word remains, and the things which define you will themselves be stripped of definition. For him, with a rending he could almost hear, this turned his eyes to steel and his mouth dry for want of blood. His fists throbbed for flesh to split. And underneath, shame. Shame at becoming the one he pitied. The rabbit asleep in the maw.


Rabbit Meets Maw

There is a stranger
There is a tear in the bedroom wall
The air escapes, the metal scrapes
The difference doesn't really come to much, after all
Another bitter lesson falls, and it's

No one is too young to die
(Something's ticking and the table's set for having it)
Someone is stealing our sacrifice
(Only ever one way)
And they'd have us dying alone
There is a crater underneath this stone

There was an image
And the limits of protection only limited me
Watching for snakes in the tent as they
disintegrate the whole damn thing
Never should I dare to dream

No one is too young to die
(The trigger sticking in the shadow of Leviathan)
Someone is stealing our sacrifice
(A vision coming in waves)
And they'd have us dying alone
There is a cancer running through these bones

Too deep in this forest
Too easily gone
Did we get them away?

The fact of the gone
The virgin mistake
Elegy lethal
In one bad day.

There was a warning
I couldn't hear it, just a rabbit fast asleep in the maw
And the air escapes
The metal lands in place
They're taking one they're taking it all
Welcome our guests to the morningfall

No one is too young to die
(The world is cracking if you dare to stay awake for it)
Someone is stealing our sacrifice
(A certain conflagration)
Rather die here alone
There is a stranger
There is a stranger somewhere inside this home