1. The Throat

From the recording one bright engine

x chapter: “The Throat”. From any near distance there are markers, erratic but steadily coalescing with the void. Dust, heat, a corona around the horizon’s arc. The effect is comforting in a way, beautiful and beckoning. Like a halo. From greatest distance, the planet is just as it had been, as it will be until the parent sun takes it back. So to understand what has died here, what has been found in the black, what this room in this corridor declares to separate itself from the parade of corpses before and later, it is necessary to go behind it. Beside and afar, where the voices remain. The untallied. It isn’t that they deserved or loved more, but with them came a certainty. They did deserve. They did love. What Black Narcissus has replaced them with, who can say? Faith has crushed lesser things. So within the veil, outside the stream, safe at last, the Throat opens. Beyond, a shock of stars. Nothing more.


The Throat

Sun to sky
And the shock of stars beyond
It's as if we never died
In the wreckage we reside, every move
To please the parasite
Sun from sky

They sent their best, the throat exposed
A dying weight
An army for two souls
Traitor's supernova
Throat exposed

(I would waste it all for you)

Will this feed our legend
Or is it a revolution's final sigh?
We had metal in the blood
A rebel's dissonance
Burning into Heaven and Heaven’s scorn
And nothing more

(I would have wasted it all for you
And the things we'll never do)

Waste it all for you